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"Roll" of Soft Skills

Learn valuable Soft Skills while having fun!
Fantasy Gaming


Student Intake                                                        Character Sheet


This innovative class confronts the challenge of learning soft skills by taking the skills and techniques used in tabletop gaming and connecting the fantasy realm with real life applications.


Soft skills, also called interpersonal or people skills, are highly sought after by employers. Skills like teamwork, communication, critical thinking, leadership, problem solving, planning, and more are covered in a fun manner that includes using and developing the imagination.


Offering methods that build confidence, time management, organization and more, our classes are designed to build these skills while reducing the stress sometimes associated with workplace training. Examples will be provided on how these skills directly relate to the workplace, from attaining a job to growing in your chosen field.


We have developed a student intake form that mimics an application, but is presented in a format similar to that of a character sheet used in the game Dungeons & Dragons. These intake sheets provide some basic demographic information as well as a self-assessment of each participating student. These will be used later for growth comparison to help students see what and where they have learned. 


In addition to basic playing, opportunities for leadership skill development (essentially a basic management type training) will be available, encouraged, and supported. Those interested in taking on a leadership role, will be able to learn valuable skills with a smile.

Future growth:

Future classes that will also cover soft skills will include: Public Speaking and Theater

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