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Agricultural Literacy:
Preparedness Homegrown

Learning was to lead a healthier life is important. It can be fun too.
Spring vegetables

Thinking out of the box to learn skills that help us learn how to care for our health has become even more important around the world. With food shortages and other crisis many face, especially since 2020, many people have turned to local food sources to take care of their needs. 

Growing your own food, when possible, helps us learn and appreciate what goes on our plates and into our bodies. Many have turned to producing their own food, but there are many others who either don't know how, or don't have the space. 

In partnership with Higher Ground, a local Charlotte county educational garden, we are offering classes and space to learn about gardening in a community garden. This education will provide knowledge and methods to take home and apply in our own vegetable gardens.

It is our plan to bring the process inside as well with small scale hydroponics for fresh family produce year round! Other future workshops in connection to gardening will include cooking and canning.

In addition, we're offering education on animal care and husbandry for people interested in having a few, small animals that can produce various food sources for our families. Animals covered in discussion will include, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and rabbits. 

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