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Spring Ahead

Planting seeds and creating a place of beauty...

With the help of volunteers, we worked hard to clean up our terribly overgrown flower bed and prepare it with a large variety of plants to beautify the front of our learning center.

“Where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow.” - The Secret Garden

We didn't plant roses, but we did plant several beautiful bulb flowers that will be more beautiful each year, perennial plants with great color and textures, a few ornamental plants, and some ground covering plants to help keep the weeds from taking over again.

Special Thank You to Ann Codrington!

Thanks to Ann Codrington, we have an amazing garden to be proud of and one of beauty to look forward to. With the help of her daughter, she not only donated most of the gorgeous plants, she also brought a large amount of compost and mulch!

It was a great way to spend St. Patrick's Day (March 17th, 2020) as we 'greened' up our space. Watch for updates on the garden throughout the year as the plants and the center's programs grow and develop.

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