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Counting Chickens

...As they hatch, not before.

After unsuccessful attempts of several clutches, we finally managed to get our first chicken egg to start hatching! What's the difference in this attempt and the past attempts? Humidity. We didn't add extra moisture to the air until lockdown. This method is called dry hatching. When the egg is in this stage of early cracking, as seen on egg #5-16A, it's called pipping. When it breaks a circular opening, it's called zipping. And, yes, the chick inside can be heard peeping at times. This communication also encourages other unhatched chicks and tells them it's time to break free of their enclosures that have protected them thus far. The next stage of their lives is about to begin! How many do you think will hatch? We have ten (10) eggs in this incubator. Incubator B currently has ten (10) and incubator C has eleven (11) nearing their time to hatch also. What will the success rate of these attempts be? I can't wait to find out!

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