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Half a Dozen

We've done it! Success at last!

While it might not be the best rate of hatching ever, it certainly is an improvement. At least for us, the dry hatching method seems to produce the highest success rate. Our next hatching challenge and study involves Muscovy ducks! Modern barnyard Muscovy found in North America are an amazing breed of ducks originating in South America and domesticated from the Wild Muscovy in that region. The project study we're undertaking is comparing natural incubation with artificial incubation.

These are the young Muscovy ducks that donated the eggs. One of the darker chocolate hens is sitting on the eggs. The beautiful black is a drake (male duck).

  • brood·y /ˈbro͞odē/ adjective 1. (of a hen) wishing or inclined to incubate eggs.

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