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New Look For Our Home

Over the last couple months, we have set upon an energizing spring cleaning of organizing, sorting, sifting, and getting an overall makeover of our physical space as well as our virtual space. We hope you like the look of both as we reach for a freshness that will invite and welcome all new visitors, tutors, and students.

The work is ongoing as we develop new ideas, classes, projects, partnerships, and goals.

Nothing will stand in the way of a Charlotte resident achieving full potential.

We hope you find the new look appealing and keep coming back as we need your support to make things happen.

New Program Coordinator

Along with the new look,a new Program Coordinator started at the end of January this year. Heather Montgomery, brings a new energy and fresh eyes to the organization. As someone who has risen from the ranks of a high school dropout who got a GED, Mrs. Montgomery has gone on to devote her life to learning.

Mrs. Montgomery has a varied collection of interests, talents, and skills to blend with her experiences in life. We're looking forward to many years to come and grow together.

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